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Vending Machine


Excerpts from the book "How Design Changed America" by Henry Keck

Even though I didn’t know exactly what they wanted we prepared concepts of new vending machines with the caveats that we wanted to show them the way we worked. It turned out that we were the only firm that did anything in the way of a presentation. In the Atlanta, Georgia meeting I was all decked out in a new blue suit and along with enthusiasm and a group of drawings made the pitch. It worked. Two weeks later we received a call that they had chosen us and wanted to get started right away. It turned out to be the start of a very exciting and useful relationship. We were asked to redesign their existing vending machines. These six foot high by three feet wide machines had seen better days.

Keck-Craig design improvements to Tom’s machine included faster loading, a theft-proof delivery system, dollar bill changer, heavier duty construction and replaceable decor panels. We didn’t like the gross Tom’s Foods logotype, but they weren’t about to change a recognized symbol of the company on that account.