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Shower Soap & Shampoo Dispenser


Early in 1974 a blessing from outer space came to us in the middle of a severe recession. Outer space turned out to be Texas. A young entrepreneur came to us with the bare bones of an idea. He had no drawings and no model. But what he did have was Texas sized backers. He came from an upscale family, was well educated and had a hard driving personality. His idea made sense. It was to have a shower dispenser for three liquid items: Soap, shampoo and hair conditioner. Liquid soaps were relatively new in those days and getting rid of the slippery bar of soap in the shower seemed like a good idea.

Our first task was to design a valve system that would dispense measured portions of liquids and not clog up over extended use. One of the problems with liquid soap is that it tends to dry up in small clumps and close small valve openings. Under the leadership of our chief engineer Cecil Young we designed a valve consisting of a small metal ball held in place by a stainless steel spring. When particles of dry soap closed the valve opening the ball would give a little, releasing the dry particle and letting liquid flow. It was a ingeniously simple solution and worked well in tests.

The housing of the product in a compact attractive manner was a major part of our task and we developed a series of very good looking contemporary designs.