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Massage Table


Excerpts from the book "How Design Changed America" by Henry Keck

Nature in all her beneficence has made women different physically than men and women’s breasts are one of these useful and it must be said attractive differences. Well, a few months ago a woman, whose upper body almost jumped out of her dress, came into our office. She had an idea for a modification to a massage table. It was to have an up and down adjustable opening near one end of the table to make room for a woman’s upper extremities. It was not a world shaking concept, but it certainly made sense.

We proceeded to develop a design that provided an adjustable opening near the end of the table and which had an easily cleanable surface on which to place sheets or towels. The adjustable part deserves mention. Instead of developing a whole new mechanism, we searched Thomas’s Register and other sources and found a device used in laboratories that was already in production and which could be readily adapted to fit our needs. We communicated with the manufacturer and they were pleased with the idea of selling us their device at a wholesale price since our use did not compete with their marketing plans. In other words, instead of spending thousands of dollars in design time and more thousands in tooling and inventory, we eliminated that effort and saved our client money, and almost as importantly, time.