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Industrial Sweeper


Excerpts from the book "How Design Changed America" by Henry Keck

We have all seen large, unattractive sweeping machines moving along in a cloud of dust cleaning up our streets in the early morning hours. Unattractive though they may be they are very important in keeping our cities litter free.

One company, The Wayne Manufacturing Company, Pomona, California, a maker of these sweeping machines called on us in the late 1950s with a new idea. Why not adapt some of their hard earned experience sweeping streets to cleaning up factories and industrial warehouses.

Over the ensuing years we participated in the design of many large and small sweepers and always managed to stay one step ahead of competition. Eventually the company was sold to The Food Machinery Corporation now called FMC. Mr. Wayne retired to his yacht and became an outstanding deep sea fisherman. His swordfish trophies attest to his athleticism.