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Eye Washing Machine


Excerpts from the book "How Design Changed America" by Henry Keck

We have always liked to work with doctors. They often have ideas related to their profession. They are mechanically inclined and realistic in their expectations about “setting the world on fire” with their ideas. They also are professionally trained to observe their patient’s needs.

On a bright summer day in 1993 we had a meeting with a Riverside, California, doctor who had an idea to simplify washing out the human eye without bending one’s head back in the usual way and spilling water while trying to dislodge a particle of dust.

The idea was to permit the user to see what he was doing while washing out his eye. This was done by providing an eye frame together with a mirror which reflected the eye of the user. Attached to the device would be a small container filled with eye wash liquid. The user holding the device horizontally would observe his eye in the mirror and squeeze the flexible eye wash container. This causes a gentle mist of eye wash liquid to spray into his eye. The user is thus in control and can see in the mirror what he is doing. When finished the device is folded into a compact shape so that it can be readily placed in a purse or pocket.