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Borax & Powder Soap Dispenser


Excerpts from the book "How Design Changed America" by Henry Keck

Borax had several different soap dispensers and we worked on all of them. Our proudest achievement was the design of the heavy duty dispenser for industrial factories and in other heavy use washrooms.

Surprisingly, thievery of soap dispensers was a problem. To alleviate this we designed a hidden wall mounting system so that no screws or other attachment means were visible.

In order to make the dispenser seem small despite the need to hold a large quantity of soap we tapered the front so that looking at the unit its true volume was not apparent. To protect the dispenser from vandals the housing was made of steel stampings. The top lid included an indented oval to that gasoline service stations could insert their own labels in the device. Shell, Standard Oil and Chevron were all pleased with the concept.