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Alka Seltzer Dispenser


Excerpts from the book "How Design Changed America" by Henry Keck

Miles Laboratories came to Keck-Craig to remedy the situation and to design an up to date dispenser. At the same time there was a company in Burbank, California that wanted the business of manufacturing the new dispenser. They had close ties to Miles executives and had been working on a new dispenser of their own. They had made a bulky, unattractive model with one major advance. In stead of serrated grinders they had invented a simple self cleaning technique for grinding: two stainless steel rollers one convex, one concave were placed together at a distance less than the thickness of a tablet. Thus when a tablet was released between the rollers it was broken and crushed. In addition scrapers were placed contiguous with the rollers so that they were always scraped clean.

Keck-Craig incorporated this concept into a contemporary design using a die cast housing with an important additional feature. This was a means of expanding the width of the tablet delivery system automatically. This expansion system was necessary since Alka Seltzer tablets love water. This hygroscopic attribute causes the tablets to expand in humid weather jamming a normal delivery system. We incorporated a spring mounted system in the delivery chute so that even if the tablet had expanded it would still be delivered appropriately to the grinding rollers.