Consultant to corporations and inventors.
From prototypes to production.

Based in Los Angeles, California


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Henry C. Keck

" My Heart Has Always Been in Two Worlds...
Art and Engineering."

I graduated from Dartmouth College with degrees in engineering and business. I spent a year studying advanced electronics including radar and sonar while in the US Navy. To complete my formal education, I finished my graduate work at the California Institute of Technology in product and machine design.

My heart as always been in two worlds: art and engineering. My father was a famous sculptor; my cousin was a famous bridge designer. For these reasons, I always had a passion for creating new designs and innovative products. I have had the pleasure to see many “ideas” come to life from zero to completion.

I am best known for a product that made my clients millionaires: A sugar shaker. It is still on the market fifty years after its invention. Another product sold around the world is a tennis ball-throwing machine. The inventor Bill Greene came to me to design this product for production. It is now the biggest selling machine of its type around the globe. The Boraxo powdered soap dispenser that I designed is sold in many countries. It is also used in the Vatican.

After fifty five years of working closely with inventors on 1700 diversified products and machines, I have learned the challenges of developing products and of raising money. Using this experience, I enjoy developing logical business plans for inventors in order to manufacture their products as well as attract investors. Raising money is an important part of almost all inventor’s needs. I have a close relationship to the Pasadena Angels. They provide startup funds for inventors who have good ideas and business plans. 

Inventor Bill Green’s idea of developing a tennis ball-throwing machine is an example of success. Based upon our business plan and prototype, he was able to raise the money required for tooling and initial production. He is now a millionaire with the largest selling machine in the world.

The most important part of my work with inventors is developing a long-term personal relationship with them and a strong interest in their success. It is personally very rewarding to see their ideas on the market.